Heiko Bleher's Biotopes aquatic environment approximately / 2500 fish species

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SR Aquaristik is proud to be distributing Heiko Bleher's Biotopes.
This quality hardcover book is a must-have for aquarium hobbyists or anyone interested in how aquarium fish live in nature. Now is your chance to travel the world through the eyes of one of the pioneers of the aquarium industry.  Heiko covers expeditions to aquatic habitats and aquatic biotopes in nature and explains how to reproduce those habitats in your very own aquarium. The book has 460 pages and includes thousands of stunning photographs and descriptions of 50 countries, along with the current status of their aquatic environment.  It also includes detailed descriptions of over 500 rivers and lakes with approximately 2500 fish species; including many new species never before seen and nearly 500 different aquatic plant names. Heiko also mentions the taxonomic problem of some names and gives GPS data on almost all biotope locations, the years of his visit and when he discovered the species as well as when they were introduced to the world. This book contains histories and field records of nearly half of Heiko Bleher's 910 field trips and shows the worldwide destruction of aquatic habitats - past and present - and records many species extinct in nature because of man's endless pollution and damming, thus destroying the basis of all life forms freshwater ecosystems. This book is a timeless document for present and future generations; a definite must for anyone who wants to learn about aquatic environments past and present.

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