Rotala Indica / 'Ammannia sp. 'Bonsai'' Tissue Culture Cup


Rotala Indica / 'Ammannia sp. 'Bonsai'' Tissue Culture Cup

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Plant Specifications:




Moderate to Advanced

Light Requirements:

Medium to High


Foreground to Midground 


10cm - 20cm +

Nutrient Requirements:

High nutrient and CO2 Required

Preferred Water Chemistry:

pH 6.5-7.5


Medium to Fast

Plant Description:

Rotala Indica / Ammannia sp. "Bonsai" is part of the Rotala genus. They are native to wetlands and found along rice paddies in Asia, where they do best fully submerged underwater in nutrient rich substrate.

Ammannia sp. "Bonsai" is a stem plant that is adored because of its small round green leaves and compact shape. Under bright light the tips and stem will turn a deep red. This plant can be planted directly into the substrate and can be easily propagated by stem cuttings.

In the aquarium, Ammannia sp. "Bonsai" is a moderate to difficult to care for plant that requires medium to high light and high fertilization and CO2 supplementation for the best health and coloration. 'Bonsai' is ideal for small or nano aquariums.

This plant is a medium to fast grower and will require frequent trimming and pruning to keep it in its best health and shape.

Why choose Anubias Italy tissue culture plants?

- Your plants will be free of pests and unwanted organisms.

- They're environmentally friendly, sustainably produced, and perfect clones.

- Plants grown in vitro are guaranteed to be healthy and strong with no contaminants or pesticides.

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