Anubias sp. 'mini white pearl' Tissue Culture Cup


Anubias sp. 'mini white pearl' Tissue Culture Cup

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Plant Specifications:


Africa - Albino Variant



Light Requirements:

Medium to High


Epiphyte, Rhizome attached to Rock or Driftwood


1 cm to 2 cm

Nutrient Requirements:

Low Nutrient and Low CO2 Supplementation Recommended

Preferred Water Chemistry:

pH 6-8



Plant Description:

Anubias sp. ‘mini white pearl’ is part of the Anubias genus. They are native to slow, low lit streams, rivers and marshes of Africa. Due to its unique semi aquatic lifestyle, this plant can be grown successfully submerged in the aquarium or emerged in a high humidity terrarium, paludarium or vivarium. 

Anubias sp. ‘mini white pearl’ is an extraordinary and very special aquarium plant. The small white to light green leaves are unique. This very rare and sought-after aquarium plant is also known under the trade names "Snow White", “Snow King”, and “White Ghost”. The newest leaves are almost white, older leaves can also show light green tones. The rounded, egg-shaped leaves are up to about 2 cm long but are usually smaller. It is important when planting that this rhizome remains unburied.

Anubias sp. ‘mini white pearl’ works well when attached to hardscape such as driftwood or stones to ensure the rhizome is free of debris that may cause it to rot.

In the aquarium, the  Anubias sp. ‘mini white pearl’ plant photosynthesis takes place exclusively in the rhizome and in the roots. Therefore, the roots must always be left free. By attaching to wood which also has good lighting, this plant grows particularly well. The use of various adhesives is not recommended as they could cover the roots and the plant will die as a result. ‘Mini white pearl’ is ideal for small aquariums, nano aquariums, shrimp tanks, terrariums and paludariums.

In the event of stress, green leaves could appear again to improve growth and catch up on energy.

Why choose Anubias Italy tissue culture plants?

- Your plants will be free of pests and unwanted organisms.

- They're environmentally friendly, sustainably produced, and perfect clones.

- Plants grown in vitro are guaranteed to be healthy and strong with no contaminants or pesticides.

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