Anubias sp. "mini white pearl" Tissue Culture Cup (From Anubias Italy)

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  • Suitable for small and nano aquariums
  • White to light green leaves
  • A rare specimen

The Anubia mini white pearl is an extraordinary and very special aquarium plant. The small-leaved and white to light green leaves are unique. This very rare and sought-after aquarium plant is also known under the trade name "Snow white". The newest leaves are almost white, older leaves can also show light green tones. The rounded, egg-shaped leaves are up to about 2 cm long but are usually smaller.

Care instructions:

In the Anubia mini white pearl plant, photosynthesis takes place exclusively in the rhizome and in the roots. Therefore the roots must always be left free. By attaching to wood which also has good lighting, this plant grows particularly well. The use of various adhesives is not recommended as they could cover the roots and the plant will die as a result.

In the event of stress, green leaves could appear again to improve growth and catch up on energy.

Anubias mini white pearl sets a new highlight in the aquarium. Due to its size, it also fits well in nano aquariums.