Anubias sp. 'nangi' Tissue Culture Cup (From Anubias Italy)

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 From Africa

  • Very easy to maintain
  • Epiphyte
  • For the middle ground
  • Growth height 5 to 15 cm
  • Soft to hard water

The Nangi dwarf spadefly, comes from Africa. The only 5 to approx. 15 cm high plant is perfect for nano aquariums and on roots or stones in the middle ground and tolerates soft to hard water.

Anubias sp. 'nangi' is a total rarity, it's hard to come by. Actually, the dwarf spear-leaf comes from Africa, the "nangi" is a hybrid of two species and was bred in a nursery. The dark green small leaflets with the long tip shine easily. The leaf blade is a bit knobbed and looks very interesting. The Nangi spear leaf grows quite slowly and is totally easy to care for.

Anubias sp. 'nangi' is a typical epiphyte plant that you should not plant in the aquarium bottom. It is better to untie them because in the gravel or soil the thick rhizome can rot. The Nangi dwarf spear leaf is very well preserved on roots or aquarium stones. This little Anubias fits really well into the nano aquarium.

This uncomplicated Anubias 'nangi' is tough and comes in just about any aquarium water, it only needs low light to grow. Anubias sp. You can even put 'nangi' in a perch aquarium, it is not really nibbled by the fish because it does not taste good.

To multiply the Nangi dwarf spear leaf, snip off a piece of rhizome with two or three leaflets. From the section, a complete Nangi Anubias grows up

The cup in which the Anubias nangi is delivered comes from the lab. In there, the plants are grown sterile and grown without algae contact and without the presence of potential parasites. You can immediately add them into the aquarium and do not need thorough pre-washing, even for direct planting in the shrimp aquarium, they are suitable.