Mini Dwarf Hair Grass / 'Eleocharis acicularis (minima)' Tissue Culture Cup


Mini Dwarf Hair Grass / 'Eleocharis acicularis (minima)' Tissue Culture Cup

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Plant Specifications:


Australia and New Zealand



Light Requirements:

Medium to High




Height 3 - 5 cm

Nutrient Requirements:

Medium Nutrient and Medium CO2 Supplementation Recommended

Preferred Water Chemistry:

pH 6-7.5


Moderate to Fast

Plant Description:

Mini Dwarf Hair Grass / 'Eleocharis acicularis' is a small, green, grass-like plant found in Australia and New Zealand.

In the aquarium, Mini Dwarf Hair Grass stays even shorter and smaller than its cousin Dwarf Hair Grass and is commonly used as a carpeting plant. This plant does best when planted directly into the substrate and can be easily propagated by new plantlets and lateral runners.

Elocharis acicularis is adored because of its grass-like appearance and carpeting growth pattern used to create a lush underwater lawn. Under high intensity light and nutrients, they will grow more compact and create a thick carpet of plants in the foreground. This plant is easy to care for and requires medium to high light and moderate fertilization and CO2 supplementation. Mini Dwarf Hair Grass is ideal for small or nano-aquariums.

This plant is a medium to fast grower and will require frequent trimming and pruning to keep it in its best shape.

Why choose Anubias Italy tissue culture plants?

- Your plants will be free of pests and unwanted organisms.

- They're environmentally friendly, sustainably produced, and perfect clones.

- Plants grown in vitro are guaranteed to be healthy and strong with no contaminants or pesticides.

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