Rotala sp. 'Vietnam H'ra' Tissue Culture Cup


Rotala sp. 'Vietnam H'ra' Tissue Culture Cup

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  • From Asia
  • Stem plant
  • Up to 20cm
  • Middle ground
  • Carpet growth possible
  • Attractive coloring
  • CO2 & iron
  • 22 to 28°C

Rotala 'H'Ra' is related to Rotala rotundifolia, but with sufficiently bright lighting and the addition of CO2, it develops creeping shoots that grow into a beautiful, robust carpet. When there is less light, the stems grow upright; their orange-red leaf tip color develops as they grow. Since it can quickly reach a height of 20cm, the middle ground is an ideal place to unfold its bushy structure.

Light requirement: partially shaded to sunny                                                                        Optimal temperature: 22 to 28 degrees
Water values: very soft to medium-hard
pH value: 6 to 7.5
Addition of CO2 and nutrients: regular administration of iron is recommended
Propagation: head cuttings

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