Brazilian Sword (Spathiphyllum spp.) Potted Plant


Plant Description:

The Brazilian Sword is part of the Spathiphyllum genus and is commonly known as the Peace Lily. They are native to South America where they grow in semi-aquatic and terrestrial rain forested environments. Due to its unique semi-aquatic/terrestrial lifestyle, this plant grows successfully when the leaves are grown out of the water and the roots are partially submerged or completely removed from the water and in a moist planting medium.

Spathiphyllum spp. can grow into a large plant reaching over a meter tall. It is adored for its arching dark green leaves and white and yellow spathe flowers. It is important when planting, that the leaves remain un-submerged from the water and the roots remain moist at all times.

The Peace Lily or Brazilian Sword plant does well in a paludarium, vivarium, or terrarium set up where the roots will remain moist and the leaves in a high level of humidity. This plant can even become a wonderful potted houseplant in the right environment!

Plant Specifications:


South America



Light Requirements:

Low to Medium


Semi-aquatic / Terrarium


20 cm to 100 cm

Nutrient Requirements:

Low Nutrient 

Preferred Water Chemistry:

pH 6-8