SR Aquaristik Tillandsia Tectorum Ecuador Air Plant (Pick up only)


SR Aquaristik Tillandsia Tectorum Ecuador Air Plant (Pick up only)

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One of the most sought-after tillandsia that we have! An adorable and easy to care for plant. The trichomes create the bright white appearance. The inflorescence (spike) is purple with lavender blooms. 

Tillandsia Tectorum likes to be misted lightly daily in a drier climate if there isn't sufficient dew in the morning or a mid level of humidity. It needs to dry rather quickly so a light to medium mist is sufficient. It does not do well in high heat with heavy humidity since it needs to dry sufficiently. Make sure it gets lots of air circulation if outdoors in humid conditions. 

You may notice that your air plants have a white, fuzzy, layer on their leaves, especially after a good watering. These are called Trichomes. Trichomes are small outgrowths on the leaves which absorb water and nutrients for the plants.

These air plants are perfect for adding a pop of color! 

Air Plant Care:

Do not soak these plants like we recommend with our other tillandsia, instead gently mist them with water. 


Air plants require bright, indirect light, either as sunlight or consistent indoor home/office lighting


SR Aquaristik Luminarium Terrariums, decorative glass containers and attaching to driftwood are all popular display options. Don't put your air plants in soil!


To lower the stress of shipping, you will want to soak your air plants in room temperature water for 10 to 30 minutes. Just fill a bowl with water and submerge the plants completely.

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