Corkscrew Val / 'Vallisneria americana' Bunch


Corkscrew Val / 'Vallisneria americana' Bunch

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Plant Description:

Corkscrew Val, or 'Vallisneria americana' is part of the tape-grass plant family. They are native to many waterways in North America.

In the aquarium, Vallisneria is commonly used as an undemanding, and quickly growing plant. This species does best when planted directly into the substrate and can be easily propagated by new plantlets and lateral runners.

'Vallisneria americana', is a larger plant that is adored because of its long, thin, bright green leaves that create a dramatic impression flowing in water. This plant does best in the background of the aquarium; it is important when planting that the crown remains unburied.

In the aquarium, Vallisneria, is a relatively easy to care for plant that does well in a variety of lighting conditions, with moderate fertilization and CO2 supplementation. Corkscrew Val is ideal for large or tall planted aquariums.

Valliseneria is a medium to fast grower and may require frequent trimming and pruning to keep it in its best shape.

Plant Specifications:


North America



Light Requirements:

Low to Medium


Midground to Background


20 cm +

Nutrient Requirements:

Moderate Nutrient and Moderate CO2 Supplementation Recommended

Preferred Water Chemistry:

pH 6-8



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