Hydrocotyle tripartita 'Japan' Potted Plant


 Plant Description:

Hydrocotyle triparita ' Japan is part of the Pennywort family and is also known as 'Japanese Dwarf Pennywort'. They are native to marshes and swamps within Australia and New Zealand. Due to its unique habitat in the wild, this plant can be grown successfully submerged in the aquarium, or emerged in a high humidity terrarium, paludarium, or vivarium. 

Hydrocotyle triparita is a very popular foreground plant where it is commonly used to create densely packed carpets or grown in tufts attached to rock and driftwood. This plant is adored because of its small size, clover shaped leaves, and bright green color. Hydrocotyle triparita grows best in a high nutrient substrate with that is rich in iron.

In the aquarium, Japanese Dwarf Pennywort is low maintenance plant that can be grown in moderate light, nutrient, and CO2 supplementation. However, with higher light, fertilizer, and CO2, this plant will grow more compact and into denser patches. Hydrocotyle is ideal for both large and nano aquariums, shrimp tanks, terrariums, and paludariums.

Although this plant may be a moderately slow grower in the aquarium, with enough time and care it will begin to flourish and spread through runners.

Plant Specifications:





Light Requirements:

Low to High


Foreground - Carpeting


5 - 10 cm tall

Nutrient Requirements:

Moderate Nutrient and CO2 Supplementation Recommended

Preferred Water Chemistry:

pH 6-7.5


Slow to Moderate