Red Tiger Lotus / Nymphaea Lotus Single Plant


 Plant Description:

Nymphaea lotus also known as the Red Tiger Lotus, is part of the water lily family. They are native to shallow, still, and stagnant waters within Africa. Due to its unique habitat in the wild, and bulb structure, this plant can be grown fully submerged in the aquarium where it may go dormant from time to time.

Nymphaea lotus is a very popular midground plant where it is commonly used to add a bright pop of color to the aquarium. This plant is adored because of its red and pink speckled leaves that when trimmed will stay in a neat bunch, or form lily pads at the surface if allowed. Nymphaea lotus is one plant that does take up a lot of nutrients, it grows best in a high nutrient substrate that is rich in iron.

In the aquarium, Red Tiger Lotus is a low maintenance plant that can be grown in a variety of conditions, but moderate light, nutrient, and CO2 supplementation are recommended for best coloration. The Red Tiger Lotus prefers to have room to grow, overtime, it may begin to take over and inhibit the growth of smaller, more sensitive plants around it. Additional plant fertilizer or root tabs can help ensure all plants get what they need to thrive. Confining this plant within a container below the substrate can also help in this instance. The Red Tiger lotus is ideal for both small and large aquariums, it is a popular option for Dutch style aquascapes.

This plant may be a moderately to fast grower depending on water conditions, be sure to keep it in check, so it does not take over and shade other plants!

Plant Specifications:





Light Requirements:



Midground to Foreground


10 - 15 cm tall

Nutrient Requirements:

Moderate Nutrient and CO2 Supplementation Recommended

Preferred Water Chemistry:

pH 6-7.5


Moderate to Fast