SR Aquaristik Ionantha Rubra Air Plant XL (Pick up only)

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Ionantha Rubra produces brilliant green, yellow, orange, red and purple blooming colors. They also grow "pups" from their base! You can separate them as they grow or let them grow into a large ball of air plant beauty.

You may notice that your air plants have a white, fuzzy, layer on their leaves, especially after a good watering. These are called Trichomes. Trichomes are small outgrowths on the leaves which absorb water and nutrients for the plants.

These air plants are perfect for adding a pop of color! 

Air Plant Care:

Completely submerge plants in water for 20-30 minutes weekly. Gentle shake out excess water and lay out to dry before displaying. It's Important to not let air plants remain wet for long periods of time


Air plants require bright, indirect light, either as sunlight or consistent indoor home/office lighting


SR Aquaristik Luminarium Terrariums, decorative glass containers and attaching to driftwood are all popular display options. Don't put your air plants in soil!


To lower the stress of shipping, you will want to soak your air plants in room temperature water for 20 to 60 minutes. Just fill a bowl with water and submerge the plants completely.