Water Wisteria (Hygrophila Difformis) Potted Plant


Water Wisteria (Hygrophila Difformis) Potted Plant

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Plant Description:

Water Wisteria or Hygrophila difformis is part of the Hygrophilia family. They are native to the shallow waters and streams in India. In the wild, it grows especially fast during the rainy season and provides shelter for many fish.

Hygrophila difformis is adored because of its large fern-like leaves and low maintenance. This plant can be planted directly into the substrate, left floating at the top of the water, and even trained to grow as a carpeting plant. It can be easily propagated by stem cuttings.

In the aquarium, Water Wisteria is an easy to care for plant that requires low to medium light, and low fertilization or CO2 supplementation for best and bright coloration. Hygrophila difformis is ideal for low maintenance aquariums and anyone that is new to the hobby!

This plant is a medium to fast grower and will require frequent trimming and pruning to keep it in its best health and shape.

Plant Specifications:





Light Requirements:

Low to Medium


Background or Floating


10cm - 20cm +

Nutrient Requirements:

Medium Nutrient and Medium CO2 Supplementation Recommended

Preferred Water Chemistry:

pH 6.5-7.5


Medium to Fast


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