Let’s look at the SR Aquaristik stainless steel Aquascaping tool kit and it’s uses.                                                                                                                                                                                                 

This kit consists of:

  • 12” Straight Scissors
  • 12” Sand Flattener
  • 12” Curved Scissors
  • 12” Straight Tweezers
  • 12” Curved Tweezers
  • 12” Curved Forceps
  • Decorative Zipper Case


Straight Scissors


Don’t leave home without them! Many aquascapers rely on a standard set of tools, and the straight scissors are on that list! There’s nothing better than a sharp pair of scissors for your aquascaping needs. Versatile and timeless, the straight scissors are a staple in the world of aquascaping. 

These scissors can be used for many applications. Here are a few main ones:

Trimming the leaves of large leafed plants like Echinodorus, Aponogeton, Cryptocoryne, etc. Trimming dead or dying leaves will ensure the plant focuses on new, beautiful growth. Trimming the roots before initial planting promotes new root growth and makes them easier to plant. Both things help plants adapt to their new environment.


Trimming stem plants with ease and precision. Whether you have a small bunch or large bush, these scissors will help you shape your stems into that perfect shape! Cutting mats of foreground plants such as dwarf hairgrass, Monte Carlo, dwarf babytears, into small “plantable” clumps. Along with miscellaneous cuts like, opening bags of substrate, plastic tags, zip ties, aquarium backgrounds, and anything else you can think of.



Sand Flattener


Sand flatteners are sold in almost every aquascaping tool kit and with good reason! Since using a paintbrush while your substrate is submerged/wet is more or less useless, a sand flattener can easily shape substrates not only wet, but of course dry with ease. The different sized “shovels” on each end make for a variety of conventional and unconventional uses. Not only for shaping substrates, a sand flattener can be used for clearing substrates off hardscape materials and plants after adding a new layer while still submerged. Just wave it around where you need to clear and voilà! Nice and clean.

Curved Scissors

Curved scissors are perfect for trimming and shaping foreground plants, mosses, and stem plants! The curved shape allows for easier access to the bottom of the aquarium to trim without breaking your wrists while trying to get at that perfect angle. As for mosses, the curved shape makes easy work of trimming and shaping around hardscape materials such as wood.


Straight and Curved Tweezers

Also known as pinsettes, a set of tweezers make planting a breeze, especially for small/delicate plants! Another staple tool in any aquascaper’s tool kit, using the tips of the tweezers to grab the roots or bottom of the stem for the easiest and most efficient way to plant. This way you can easily gauge how deep to plant without jeopardizing the health of the plant by burying too deep or not deep enough. Curved tweezers can help get into tight spots or around corners if needed.

Curved Forceps

An unconventional aquascaping tool that can be used for miscellaneous tasks such as holding a hose, clamping pieces of hardscape together while gluing, holding up a backdrop while you take a photo, holding food down for fish (veggies and such), literally any uses you can think of!