SR Aquaristik Smart Auto Top Off (ATO)
SR Aquaristik Smart Auto Top Off (ATO) $89.98
The SR Aquaristik Smart ATO is a must-have for aquarium keepers that want to maintain a consistent water level. Ideal for sumps, rimless or all-in-one aquariums, this sleek ATO is easy to install and drastically reduces maintenance and hassle, keeping aquariums topped off. The quality powerful magnet will securely hold the optical sensor on aquarium thicknesses up to ¼” or 6mm, making it ideal for almost all applications. Quick and easy installation Audible alert will quickly notify you if there is an issue with the top off Comes complete with all accessories Comes complete with the following components. Smart ATO sensor Removable water pump Mounting bracket 36 inches of tubing Power supply
SR Aquaristik ½” Adjustable Float Valve SR Aquaristik ½” Adjustable Float Valve
SR Aquaristik ½” Adjustable Float Valve $7.98
100% plastic valve will not corrode Comes with securing nut and gasket Float valve water level can be easily adjusted  SR Aquaristik float valve is ideal for maintaining water levels in makeup water barrels, sumps, or any place where consistent water levels need to be maintained. The standard half inch threaded connection makes this float valve easily incorporated into standard bulkhead fittings or stock half-inch plumbing. The plastic ratcheted water level adjustment makes it easy to customize water levels after installation, the plastic adjustment nut will not corrode like traditional metal wing nuts.
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