Coral Target Feeder / Plant Fertilizer Coral Target Feeder / Plant Fertilizer
Coral Target Feeder / Plant Fertilizer $19.98
Syringe makes it easy to suction and apply a large variety of foods Blunt tip for safe application Feeder tube length 20” (51cm) Includes two differently sized needles Feeder syringe holds 20ml of food or fertilizer Product Description: The SR Aquaristik Coral Target Feeder/ Plant Fertilizer is ideal for target feeding a wide variety of corals and anemones. The fine flat-tipped applicator is also great for applying products used to control Aiptasia and Manjano Anemones. It is also great for root-feeding aquarium plants. Includes two differently sized needles and one 20ml syringe. The slimmer needle is ideal for liquid food and fertilizer; the larger needle is ideal for thicker liquid solutions or feeding larger food particles.   Large Needle: Inner Dimension ID  2.8 mm or 7/64" Outer Dimension OD 3.6 mm or 9/64"   Small Needle:   Inner Dimension ID 1.3 mm or 3/64" Outer Dimension OD 1.9mm or 5/64"
Liquid Plant Fertilizer Liquid Plant Fertilizer
Liquid Plant Fertilizer from $9.98
Provides necessary micronutrients for beautiful aquatic plants Complete micronutrient including calcium, magnesium & iron Maximizes plant growth, color & health  Ideal for Freshwater Planted Aquariums Recommended Dosage: One cap (10ml) treats up to 200 gallons of aquarium water. Instructions For Use: Use one capful (10ml) for each 200 gallons of aquarium water as needed or one to two times weekly. For treating smaller amounts of water, we recommend using a graduated measuring device or pipette. For optimum results, refrigerate after opening. Use only in contained aquariums as recommended. This product is not intended for natural bodies of water or agricultural use.
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