Easy Maintenance of the SR Aquaristik Deco Tank

Did you know that easy maintenance often leads to longer living fish or plants? While aquariums are easy to maintain in general, the SR Aquaristik Deco Tank is incredibly simple to keep in proper operating condition.

This aquarium's canopy flips open and closed on secure hinges. Not only does this feature make it easy to access the tank's interior, but it also avoids unnecessary drips of water or condensation on your countertop.

It's easy to appreciate the beauty of your SR Aquaristik Deco Tank with its inconspicuously hidden and easy-to-clean filter and heater. The in-tank water filtration maintains necessary water circulation, while eliminating biological and chemical particulates. Replaceable carbon cartridges help to keep your aquarium smelling fresh and clean, allowing you to fully enjoy its decorative presence.

Exceptional Lighting System Promotes Tank Customization

With a simple tap of a button, you can modify the LED lighting system on your SR Aquaristik Deco Tank. You can choose blue lighting for coral additions to the aquarium or bright white illumination for live plants. The tank's LED lighting system is dimmable and timer-friendly. It also has a daylight as well as a moonlight setting.