SR Aquaristik Glass Cleaner Spray

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• Cleans aquarium glass without streaking or leaving a haze
• Made with only 100% sustainable, fish safe, plant-based ingredients
• Non-toxic formula does not contain petrochemicals, synthetic perfumes, or dyes
• Ideal for cleaning outside glass surfaces

Instructions for use: 

Spray the product on the aquarium glass creating a fine mist over the entire surface of the glass. We recommend cleaning one panel at a time. If you are pretreating before using Aquarium Surface Shield, we recommend a second application.

Clean and polish using a new clean soft cloth. We recommend using a new microfiber cloth. SR Aquarium Glass Cleaner is the only Aquarium glass cleaner you will ever need. Traditional household glass cleaners contain surfactants made of soap, causing streaks and haze as well as introducing toxins to your aquarium inhabitants. Yes they clean, but they also leave a residue which is annoying and takes away from the look of your aquarium.

SR Aquarium glass cleaner contains no surfactants. It cleans remarkably fast and leaves no streaks, no haze, and no residue. Discriminating Aquarium keepers swear by SR Aquarium Glass Cleaner; it quickly and easily removes dirt, dust, fingerprints, haze, oil, and grease from the glass.


Click here for Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)