Aquascape Tool Kit

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Complete Tool Kit - Ideal for a Planted Aquarium.

Tired of trying to find the right tool for the job?  The SR Aquaristik stainless steel Aquascape Tool Kit comes with every tool necessary to maintain a planted aquarium. This high quality stainless steel tool kit comes in a convenient and protective zippered case, ensuring that everything is kept conveniently in its place.

What's Included in the kit?

(1) 12”/ 30cm Straight Scissors
(1) 12”/ 30cm Sand Flattener
(1) 12”/ 30cm Curved Scissors
(1) 12” / 30cm Curved Tweezers
(1) 12” / 30cm Curved Forceps
(1) 12” / 30cm Straight Tweezers


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