SR Aquaristik 60L Rimless Aquarium Kit


SR Aquaristik 60L Rimless Aquarium Kit

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The SR Aquaristik 60L Aquarium Kit is ideal for creating the ultimate planted aquarium! This modern accent aquarium incorporates easily into almost any setting.  The crystal-clear low iron glass makes fish and plants look like they are in high definition!

Comes complete with the following components:

  • 14.2-gallon low iron rimless aquarium 60 x 30 x 30 cm / 23.6 x 11.8 x 11.8”
  • SR Aquaristik Flex 30F LED Dimmable Clip-on Light, ideal for planted aquariums
  • Oase BioStyle 20 Hang on the Back Filter is easy to maintain and clean
  • Oase Heat Up 100-watt Aquarium Heater keeps your aquarium at the perfect temperature
  • Looking to create the ultimate aquascape with your new kit?  We have a huge variety of decorative rocks and driftwood to help with your inspiration!  And check out our WYSIWYG section (What You See Is What You Get)!  Just can’t decide what to choose? Let one of our aquascaping experts help! Reach out with some inspiration photos and we’ll help you put together your dream aquarium!

Additional Information About This Kit's Components:

SR Aquaristik Rimless Aquarium:

SR Aquaristik Pro Grade Low Iron Rimless Aquariums are made from the highest quality materials. All SRA Rimless Aquariums use a raw material formula that contains a much lower amount of iron. Low Iron Glass provides an incredibly transparent product with only a very slight blue tint; resulting in a beautiful crystal-clear aquarium. SRA Rimless Aquariums are also made with a thicker polished glass and black silicone imported from Germany. Using black silicone prevents staining and discoloration caused by medications and some water treatments. Please make sure all aquariums are properly leveled and installed on a flat sturdy surface that can support the weight of the filled aquarium.

Oase BioStyle 20 Grey External Filter:

OASE BioStyle is a sleek, compact power filter, ideal for marine and freshwater aquariums. Each model includes multi-stage filter cartridges and biological filter foams to ensure optimal water quality and clarity. These quiet, energy efficient hang on back filters are designed for easy installation, operation, and maintenance.

Oase HeatUp 100-watt Aquarium Heater:

Oase HeatUp Aquarium heaters are a robust and reliable way of controlling the temperature in your tank. The Oase HeatUp Aquarium Heaters are high quality thermoheaters which will reliably maintain your aquarium water temperature at the desired level.

SR Aquaristik Flex LED 30F:

Flex LED 30F High Output LED Lighting System for Freshwater Planted Aquariums

  • Our unique color chip utilizes 9 individual LEDs providing a beautiful and balanced light spectrum
  • High energy light output ensures optimum plant growth
  • Compact and flexible design allows for unique light output capabilities

Full Color Spectrum

High energy light output ensures optimum plant growth

  • Cool white 8000K
  • Red 660 nm
  • Royal blue 450 nm
  • Green 525 nm

Soft Touch Technology

Three soft touch control keys on the top of the lamp for color and intensity

Stable Cooling

Temperature controlled cooling fan optimizes performance and increases longevity

Optimum Penetration

The optical lens provides optimum color and light penetration




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