High-Tech Planted Aquarium CO2 Kit with pH Controller


High-Tech Planted Aquarium CO2 Kit with pH Controller

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This complete set up is ideal for the most demanding high-tech planted aquariums and comes complete with a pH Controller and Dual Stage CO2 Regulator compatible with CGA 320 North American standard CO2 bottles.

Comes complete with the following components.

  • SR Aquaristik Dual Stage CO2 regulator
  • SR Aquaristik 5 Pound Aluminum CO2 Bottle (empty)
  • Milwaukee pH Controller
  • SR Aquaristik 25’ CO2 Tubing
  • SR Aquaristik In-line Check Valve
  • SR Aquaristik Glass U Tube
  • SR Aquaristik Co2 Diffuser

SR Aquaristik Dual Stage CO2 Regulator

The SR Aquaristik Dual Stage CO2 Regulator Kit is used to regulate the flow of carbon dioxide from standard North American CO2 bottles. Ideal for use in planted aquariums or for supplying CO2 to calcium reactors for reef aquariums or any other applications that require precise CO2 control. The CO2 regulator comes complete with large control output knob that dramatically reduces the chance of accidentally changing output volume, on/off electronic solenoid that can be used with a pH controller or timer, bubble counter and extra regulator seals.

SR Aquarisitik 5 Pound Aluminum CO2 Bottle (empty)

The SR Aquaristik 5 LBS Aluminum CO2 bottle is a key component to any aquarium CO2 system. The aluminum bottle is much lighter and more attractive than the steel bottle and will not rust or cause discoloration from sitting inside aquarium cabinets. This bottle comes standard with a CGA 320 valve and is compatible with most North American CO2 regulators.

SR Aquaristik 25' CO2 Tubing

SR Aquaristik CO2 resistant tubing is made specifically for use with aquarium Co2 systems and is quite different from traditional airline tubing, it reduces the amount of CO2 loss through permeation and is also safe when used at higher pressures.


SR Aquaristik In-line Check Valve for CO2

The SR Aquaristik In-Line Check Valve is ideal for use with CO2 systems or air pumps, to prevent back-siphoning of aquarium water into the pump or regulator. Fits standard 4/6 mm airline or CO2-resistant tubing.

SR Aquaristik Glass U Tube for Aquarium CO2 Tubing

The SR Aquaristik Glass U Tube is ideal for making the transition from the outside of the aquarium to the inside with traditional CO2 or airline that will normally kink when going over the edge of an aquarium.

SR Aquaristik CO2 Diffuser

The SR Aquaristik CO2 Diffuser is ideal for diffusing CO2 directly into the aquarium. It's compact size and elegant design creates an extremely fine mist of CO2 into the water.

Milwaukee pH Controller

The MC122 controller automatically monitors and fine-tunes the pH levels. Just set your pH parameters and let the Milwaukee pH Controller do the rest.

The Milwaukee PRO pH controller is preferred by people looking to dial in their testing program when they have an ongoing need to maintain levels. Common uses are nutrient tanks and aquariums.

The Milwaukee PRO pH controller offers:

ACCURACY The Milwaukee PRO pH controller offers an accuracy to ± 0.2 pH with two point manual calibration.

AUTOMATION The controller provides a control range of 5.5 to 9.5 pH with alarms that activate when readings are higher or lower than set point.

EASY INSTALLATION The pH Controller comes with a complete mounting kit including a probe holder.


  • Fast easy to read current results with large digital LCD readout
  • Accurate to ±0.2 pH (0.0 pH to 14.0 pH) with the user selectable high/low set points
  • Simple two-point calibration for increased accuracy with manual trimmers for easy adjustment
  • Gel-filled, double junction lab grade pH electrode for low maintenance and high performance
  • 6.5 feet probe cables for extra flexibility when testing
  • 12 VDC power supply



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