SR Aquaristik Luminarium Terrarium (With Décor Kit and Stand)

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The SR Aquarisitk Luminarium Terrarium with Decor Kit and Stand comes complete with everything you need to create a unique terrarium environment, all you need to do is add plants.

We recommend using Air plants, succulents, micro ferns, and mosses illuminated for up to 8hrs per day. The use of a timer or smart switch is recommended. A syringe or spray bottle makes watering quick and easily and gently waters the luminarium when needed depending on plant choice.

Comes complete with the following components.

  • SR Aquaristik Luminarium Terrarium
  • SR Aquaristik Luminarium Desktop Stand
  • Decorative Driftwood Pieces
  • Dried Moss
  • Black Beach pebbles
  • Red Flint Sand

SR Aquaristik Luminarium Terrarium

The SR Aquaristik Luminarium Terrarium is a modern hanging accent or focal point that is a perfect addition to almost any setting. The unique hanging design allows the terrarium to be viewed by all sides without obstruction. The Luminarium is ideal for kitchens, dining rooms or commercial settings. The SR Aquaristik 

Luminarium can be hung easily using the included hook from existing shelves, cabinets or ceilings.

SR Aquaristik Luminarium Desktop Stand

Have you always wanted a luminarium just never had the perfect place to hang one? Why not add a little piece of nature to your desk or side table? With our Luminarium desk stand, setting up your Luminarium has never been easier! Made from durable steel with a durable powder coated finish, set up is a snap!

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