Architectural Cement Aquarium Stands Architectural Cement Aquarium Stands
Architectural Cement Aquarium Stands from $239.98
Made from lightweight GFRC Concrete Water resistant Focal Point in any setting SR Aquaristik Aquarium Stands are made from a revolutionary material that is extremely strong, but amazingly lightweight. GFRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete) creates a beautiful yet warm contemporary focal point in any setting. This innovative blend of concrete and fiberglass is extremely durable and water resistant. After manufacturing, each stand is sprayed with a durable top coating to prevent staining or water penetration.  
SR Aquaristik Dining Room Table Dining Room Aquarium Table
Dining Room Aquarium Table $5,500.98
Made from lightweight GFRC Table surface is sealed to prevent staining The contemporary style and color fits into almost any décor This beautiful, elegant, and modern dining room table is a breathtaking addition to any setting. The table is crafted from lightweight GFRC, giving all the beauty and durability of sealed concrete in a lightweight form and function. The aquarium is an SR Aquaristik Rimless Aquarium. The base of the aquarium table has a removable door where filtration is hidden and easily accessible. The table comes complete with the following components: SR Aquaristik Pro Sump 400 (Filtration) SR Aquaristik DC Electronic Adjustable Flow Return Pump SR Aquaristik GFRC Dining Room Table SR Aquaristik Rimless Aquarium Table Dimensions L 200 cm/79", W 110 cm/43, H 76 cm/30" Material lightweight GFRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete) Aquarium Detail: 24.2 Gallon SR Aquaristik Rimless Aquarium 119cmx29cmx26cm (47"x11.6"x10.24") Low Iron Glass Polished Edges Black Silicone, for a Clean Modern Look Leak Tested and Quality Control Checked SR Aquaristik Pro Grade Low Iron Rimless Aquariums are made from the highest quality materials. All SRA Rimless Aquariums use a raw material formula that contains a much lower amount of iron.  Low Iron Glass provides an incredibly transparent product with only a very slight blue tint; resulting in a beautiful crystal-clear aquarium. SRA Rimless Aquariums are also made with a much thicker polished glass and black silicone imported from Germany.  Using black silicone prevents staining and discoloration caused by medications and some water treatments.
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