SR Aquaristik GFO Phosphate Remover SR Aquaristik GFO Phosphate Remover
GFO Phosphate Remover from $9.98
Ideal for Saltwater Reef Aquariums Contains 100% Granular Ferric Oxide Helps Optimize Coral Growth Removes Phosphates, Silicates and Dissolved Organics Also Effective in Freshwater Aquariums Recommended Dosage:  Use 1 cup/250ml for up to 50 gallons/190 liters of aquarium water.  Replace media every four weeks or if phosphate levels begin to elevate.  SR Phosphate Remover will eliminate up to 20 ppm (ml/L) of phosphate per 50 gallons/190 liters of aquarium water. Instructions For Use:  Gently rinse SR Phosphate Remover with RO/DI or distilled water until all of the dust is removed and the rinse water becomes clear. Place the media in a very fine filter bag or in a suitable media reactor. Place media in a slow moving area of the sump; do not place in an area with high flow or where the media will be tumbled. Debris from the media released into the aquarium may stress coral.  Click here for Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)
SR Aquaristik Activated Filter Carbon SR Aquaristik Activated Filter Carbon
Activated Filter Carbon from $29.98
Fast acting pro-grade activated filter carbon Quickly removes discoloration, odor and organic pollutants Provides crystal clear aquarium water Recommended Minimum Dosage: 30 grams or about ¼ scoop for every 20gallons of aquarium water. Instructions for use: Rinse thoroughly before use to remove fine particles caused during shipping. Place activated Filter Carbon in a fine mesh bag, filter basket or chemical filter media reactor. For best results, replace activated filter carbon every four to six weeks.   Click here for Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)
SR Aquaristik NPX Bio-Activated Polymer SR Aquaristik NPX Bio-Activated Polymer
NPX Bio-Activated Polymer from $13.98
Ideal for Freshwater, Saltwater & Reef Aquariums Natural removal of nitrate and phosphates Treats up to 50 gallons of aquarium water Contains 100% pure carbon polymers Reduces aquarium maintenance and optimizes water quality   Recommended Dosage: Add (4ml) for every gallon of aquarium water or 40ml for 10 gallons. One container treats up to 50 gallons. How to: We recommend using NPX Bio-Activated Polymer in a media reactor or in a filter container that will keep the NPX Polymer in constant motion with consistent water flow. Media that becomes stuck together should be separated or removed. The use of a good protein skimmer is strongly recommended when used in a reef aquarium. How often: Keep NPX Bio-Activated Polymer quantity consistent by replacing product consumed by bacteria. Product normally lasts between 3 and 6 months. Please Note: It normally takes between 2-4 weeks for the product to become active and start naturally removing the phosphate & nitrate. To prevent the possibility of cloudy water caused by a bacteria bloom, we recommend starting out with a half dose and slowly adding product weekly until proper dosage is achieved.   Click here for Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)  
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