Java Fern / 'Microsorium pteropus' Single Plant Consisting of 3 to 5 Leaves
Java Fern / 'Microsorium pteropus' Single Plant Consisting of 3 to 5 Leaves $3.98
Plant Specifications: Origin: Southeast Asia Care: Easy Light Requirements: Low to Medium Placement: Epiphyte, Rhizome attached to Rock or Driftwood Size: 30 cm to 35 cm Nutrient Requirements: Low Nutrient and Low CO2 Supplementation Recommended Preferred Water Chemistry: pH 6-7.5 Growth: Slow Plant Description: Microsorium pteropus or Java Fern is part of the Polypodiaceae family of fern plants. This plant is native to Southeastern Asia where it grows submerged or partially submerged on rocks or near moving bodies of water in the jungle. Due to its unique semi aquatic lifestyle, this plant can be grown successfully submerged in the aquarium or emerged in a high humidity terrarium, paludarium or vivarium.  Java Fern is adored because of its compact bushy growth and long, strong, leathery, green leaves attached to a thick green rhizome. It is important when planting, that this rhizome remains unburied. In the aquarium, Microsorium pteropus works well when attached to hardscape such as driftwood or stones to ensure the rhizome is free of debris that may cause it to rot. Microsorium pteropus, is a relatively easy to care for plant that requires low to medium light and minimal fertilization or CO2 supplementation. Java Fern is ideal for large aquariums, small aquariums, terrariums and paludariums. Although this plant may be a slow grower in the aquarium, with enough time and care, it will begin to flourish and become more compact and fuller.
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