aquarium glass cleaner
aquarium glass cleaner
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$15.98 ā€“ $19.98


ā€¢ Prevents algae and debris from attaching to Aquarium Glass
ā€¢ Made with only 100% sustainable, fish safe, plant-based ingredients
ā€¢Ā Dramatically reduces maintenance

Instructions for use:Ā 

Spray product on the aquarium glass, creating a fine mist over the entire surface of the glass. Let it dry and then polish the glass using a microfiber cloth.

For best results apply two coats of Aquarium Surface Shield. Aquarium Surface Shield can also be used on new plastic plants and ornaments. Spray on and let dry and then place in the aquarium. If algae or debris forms, it is sitting on a molecular coating and can be easily rinsed or dusted away.


Allow surface to completely dry for 24hrs. before adding fish. For best results, it is recommended that you pre-clean all surfaces with SR Aquarium Glass Cleaner

SR Aquarium Surface Shield is a revolutionary molecular surface coating that will save hours of tedious aquarium maintenanceĀ that involves cleaning glass, plastic plants,Ā and ornaments. Aquarium Surface Shield can be used on almost any surface including aquarium glass, decorative rocks, plastic plants,Ā and ornaments. After treatment, algae and debris will not attach to the surface and can be easily dusted or rinsed away.


Click here for Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)