Banana Plant / "Nymphoides aquatica'' spp Single Plant


Banana Plant / "Nymphoides aquatica'' spp Single Plant

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Plant Description:

Nymphoides aquatica also known as the Banana Plant, is part of the water lily family. They are native to shallow, still, and stagnant waters within the southeastern United States. This unusual plant gets its name from the thick green tubers that look like a bunch of bananas!

Nymphoides aquatica is an increasingly popular plant where it is commonly sold to beginning hobbyist diving into the planted aquarium world. This plant is adored because of its easy care, thick green banana-like rhizomes, and bright green leaves. When planting the Banana Plant, it should remain slightly above the substrate so the rhizome does not rot; over time it will extend anchor roots into the substrate.  This plant benefits from nutrient rich substrate, or the addition of a root tablet under the plant. 

In the aquarium, The Banana Plant is low maintenance and can be grown in a variety of conditions, but moderate light, nutrient, and CO2 supplementation are recommended for best health and coloration. The Banana Plant is ideal for both small and large aquariums, it is a popular option for small aquariums, or beginners.

This plant may be a moderately to fast grower depending on water conditions. Over time, it will send leaves up to the surface of the water and you will see a lily pad. Make sure to trim these away so it does not shade other plants out.

Plant Specifications:


North America



Light Requirements:

Low to High


Midground to Foreground


10 - 15 cm tall

Nutrient Requirements:

Moderate Nutrient and CO2 Supplementation Recommended

Preferred Water Chemistry:

pH 6-7.5


Moderate to Fast


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