Media Reactor 120 Kit


Media Reactor 120 Kit

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SR Aquaristik Media Reactor 120 Kit

This complete set up is ideal for tumbling most chemical filter media such as Activated Carbon and/or Granular Ferric Oxide (GFO) in the aquarium. Ideal for Aquariums up to 120 gallons.

Kit Includes:

  • SR Aquaristik Media Reactor 120
  • SR Aquaristik DC 300 Water Pump
  • 4 ft 5/8" Hosing
SR Aquaristik Media Reactor 120 
  • Built with quality materials
  • Simple to set up
  • Efficient up flow design

How It Works

SR Aquaristik Media Reactor 120 is an aquarium filtration device that contains filter media. It helps to increase the effectiveness of the filter media inside by forcing all water that enters the reactor to come in contact with the media.

SR Aquaristik DC 300 Water Pump

  • Silent Operation
  • Safe, Low Voltage
  • Digital Control
  • Safety Auto Shut Off

SR Aquaristik DC Water Pumps are the complete solution for returning water from your sump back to the aquarium, or for running external components like protein skimmers. This unique energy-efficient design reduces maintenance and produces less heat than traditional motor driven pumps. The pump is ideal for aquarium use; its ceramic shaft will prevent wear caused by small debris that will destroy traditional stainless steel shafts. Because the pump has only one moving part, there are less things that can go wrong with it.

This pump is backed by a three-year warranty and can be easily made like-new with a replacement impeller kit.

Pump Model: 300DC
Power Voltage: 24v
Amperage: 1 A
Max. Wattage: 20w
Max. Height: 9.84 ft
Max. Flow: 300 gal/h

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