Pro Dose 3L Dosing System Container
Dose 3L Dosing System
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  • Allows for the dosing of 3 different liquids
  • Each cylinder holds 1 liter of liquid / 33.81 fluid oz.
  • Length 12 1/4” Width 4 1/4” Height 6 1/2”

 The SR Aquaristik Pro Dose 3L Dosing System Containers are space saving liquid storage containers that can be used for a wide variety of aquarium additives. The product is made of flame polished cast acrylic cylinders with quick connections. They are clear acrylic so that you always know how much dosing liquid you have left. SR Aquaristik Dosing System Containers are ideal for dosing 2 part calcium/alkalinity, trace elements, magnesium, strontium, etc.

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David Ekers
Perfect for my 40G / 150l reef

> Smaller form factor - perfect for smaller systems.
(Looks SUPER with my GHL stack)
> Compartments do not share a wall - will not leak from one compartment to the next.
> Lids fit with close tolerances - quality build prevents excessive exposure to room air/dust.
> Hmmm....I would need make something up to complain about.
> Three short silicone tubes were included with my dose 3L. - about 4 inches/ 100mm. I'm using then to adapt the pick up tubes to my dosing tubes. Stretches over the tubes to form a tight seal.

I may get three GHL magnetic stirrers for this to rest on. It would be really nice to be able to make sure everything stays in suspension.

No regrets, this is a great product!

Great, little Dosing Containers

Emphasis on little! I can't understand why nobody makes a dosing container under 1 1/2 - 2L? We don't all have 400 gallon systems!!

This setup is very well built and compact. If you buy 2-part and other additives in 16 oz bottles, then this container is a perfect fit.
Love it!

Customer Reviews

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