SR Aquaristik Speed Test Replacement Vial


  • Replacement test vial for Speed Test
  • Glass vial resists staining
  • Graduated markings match most standard test kits

SR Aquaristik Speed Test Replacement Vial.

The speed test vials should be rinsed after use with distilled or reverse osmosis water and dried upside down on a clean paper towel.

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Customer Reviews

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Jeffrey R.
Great product and service

It’s a huge time saver while testing makes testing easy and fun

Laura L.

Fantastic! 1 testing tube was crushed during shipment. I contacted customer care and within 1 hour, they responded to my email and shipped another replacement tube out. To my surprise, when I opened the shipment, they sent an extra replacement tube at no charge. I will order from them from now on!

Great Product

I just purchased this kit and ran a set of tests Kh, NO3, Ma, and Ca (Red Sea test kits).
The color changes were instant and precise.
So much better then trying to mix the tests by hand.
As far as using the gauge on the side of the bottle, just use the syringe that comes with your test kits. It will be more accurate and you won't have to account for the mixer in the bottle.
I'll be buying more test bottles here in the near future so as to not cross contaminate the test.
I am very happy I came across this kit.

Brett C.
Works perfect!

Awesome makes testing to simple

Lan B.
It’s just OK

The item is great overall. Does what is expected. However the bottle measurements are from just a sticker that was placed onto the bottle so when I received my 5 bottles the placement of the bottles varied. I cannot rely on the Mark fully so I would have to use a graduated syringe

Customer Reviews

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