Water Testing Kit


Water Testing Kit

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The SR Aquaristik Water Testing Kit makes testing your aquarium water quick, accurate and easy! 

Your Water Testing Kit comes with:

  • SR Aquaristik Speed Test Kit
  • SR Aquaristik Saltwater Refractometer

SR Aquaristik Speed Test Kit

The SR Aquaristik Speed Test portable magnetic stirrer is ideal for use with most standard titration-style test kits. If you are currently using test kits that need to be swirled or mixed you can use the SR Aquaristik Speed Test. The variable speed control allows for faster, more accurate and quicker testing of fresh or saltwater aquariums.

SR Aquaristik Saltwater Refractometer

Tired of trying to find the perfect light to properly read your test results? With the new SR Aquaristik Saltwater Refractometer, that is no longer an issue. Simply press down on the illumination button and receive clear test results. Temperature compensation ensures test results are accurate within +/- 1ppt/0.001 specific gravity. Calibration is quick and easy with the included calibration solution and screwdriver.

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